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What Blue Triumph Strategies Can Do For You



We’ll Develop a Successful Communications Plan That Leads to Victory

Your campaign will have a solid, targeted message…. and we’ll show you how to deliver it effectively.

  • Through Paid Advertising

Which medium is right for your campaign? New media, television, radio, newspapers or billboards? We'll develop the right media mix and placement for you.

  •  Through Earned Media

The working press can be your best friend or worst enemy. Which one it is, is totally up to you and your campaign. Journalists, both print and electronic, can help you promote, generate support, rally community opinion behind you, or literally bring your campaign crashing down around your feet. Our many years of newsroom experience can help you and your campaign navigate the media process and help you with your earned media tactics and strategy.

We’ll Assist Your Campaign With...

  • Issues and Platform Formulation
  • Speechwriting and editing
  • Creating and writing news releases
  • Debate and interview preparation and coaching
  • Events Planning

Congratulations.... You're An Elected Official!

We'll offer sage advice and tips on how best to transition from victorious candidate to successful officeholder by maintaining constituent contact, community outreach, and cultivating positive relationships with reporters and others in the media.


An Effective Messaging Strategy That Will Shape Public Opinion

A solid communications strategy is critical to your organization’s success. It serves as the framework that will help your group achieve its goals—whether it is increasing public awareness, fundraising, membership building, volunteer recruitment, or announcing the results of a new study.

We’ll Assist Your Organization With...

  • Creating a communications plan
  • Speechwriting and editing
  • Composing and writing news releases
  • Media placement of your organization’s story
  • Spokesperson interview preparation and coaching
  • Events Planning

Government Relations and Lobbying

Direct lobbying is an essential tool for non-profits and progressive groups. In today’s contentious political environment, your organization needs a professional advocate to advance your agenda through personal lobbying, legislation monitoring, issue advocacy, public education and grass roots coalition-building.

Crisis Management

What if a crisis strikes and your reputation is at stake, where will you turn? Whether it's minimizing the impact of a tough interview, playing down a political misunderstanding, or managing a full-blown crisis, we can help your campaign or organization mitigate the damage.

Clear, Solid and Knowledgeable Advice

But the most important resource we offer our clients is our thoughtful, honest and objective expertise based upon our many years of communications experience as an electronic journalist and political profession.


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